Monday, May 12, 2014

Engelhard, NC

For the second day in a row, the wind picks up in the afternoon. We zoom in toward Engelhard downwind and when we make the first turn into the wind it's apparent that what we now have is way too much wind for Willadine. The chop has peaked up into nasty two-plus foot waves that are cresting against the boat in the shallow water. For you landlubbers, keep in mind that waves are measured from the midpoint, not from trough to crest, so these waves were like four feet high and coming one right after the next. Nasty. By the time we hit the third marker in the channel, it's gusting to forty, almost too much wind to get the sail down, but we manage it.

Even inside the cozy harbor, it's blowing and we make a rather hairy landing at the dock, after which I have to sit down to still my trembling legs. This was much more excitement than we like.  But the dock is quiet and the harbor is lovely.

Right next door a truck pulls into the drive and I dash over to ask about the possibility of ice. The driver is unperturbed by my presence and kindly offers me a lift to the store.  On the way there I mention our disappointment in finding the Big Trout Cafe closed. We we so excited at the prospect of hot hushpuppies and fried okra, but unfortunately, they are closed on weekends. Frank offers to let us use his truck to go to another restaurant down the road. We are amazed by his generosity. Instead, we decide to grill on the boat and enjoy bratwurst and grilled sweet potatoes. Delish.

After dinner, we go for a walk around town.

There are still some working fishing boats here.

And a lot of crab pots.

Next morning, I'm up at dawn and we depart this lovely place with grateful thanks to Frank.
Daybreak at Frank's house

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