Sunday, August 12, 2012

Picture Blog

After our little "incident" we left the camera on the boat and didn't get to post any of the pictures, so here they are:

After the accident, we holed up here just inside Goose Creek and were rewarded with this amazing sunset.
We were a little nervous about these thunderheads, but we were safe in our little anchorage.
Sailing back to North Creek the next day we saw yet another of these amazing circumzenithal arcs.
Climbing back on that horse the following weekend was nerve-wracking too, but we very much enjoyed the company of our friends Jimmy and Rob aboard their 30-foot Morgan, Jimmyville.
Jimmy was kind enough to take some nice pix of Willadine (that's us!) but he couldn't figure out why we refused to put up our head sail.  We told him we were too chicken (it looks clear, but there were storms about!) but he didn't really get it.  How do you like her "earmuffs"?  LOL!
After sailing across the river with Jimmyville, we anchored up in our new favorite anchorage at the mouth of Long Creek inside South Creek.  It was special fun anchoring with friends and we swam and paddled the kayaks around.  Next morning Eric and I paddled over to a little beach for our yoga practice.  Boy, that was fun.
We had a wonderful weekend and are feeling better about sailing again.  But we're still pretty nervous about storms and running downwind in particular (which is how I got knocked down).  We stayed away this weekend because of the crummy forecast, but hope to get back next weekend. Both Eric and I are pining away for our Willadine and for the beautiful Pamlico.

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