Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Moonrise on the Pungo
5 May 2012
We spent a fitful night slapping at our ears and sweating under the sheet.  Killed dozens of skeeters in the cabin, smearing our own blood on the bulkheads while consuming much Benedryl in an effort to subdue the relentless itching.

It was a perfect sail in to the Pungo River, a nice easy reach going a comfortable two knots and then wing-on-wing downwind into Fortescue Creek.  Then the skeeters descended.  Eric put on his bug-proof shirt with hood and face screen and managed to single-handedly get the anchor down while I slaughtered skeeters in the cabin.

We slept and woke several times, turning on the cabin lights to try to kill the whiny little buggers.  At dawn I gave up and got dressed, killed a half dozen more while Eric did the same in the V-berth.

Eric says as long as I’m on the water, I’m happy.  He’s totally right.  Even with the skeeter nightmare, it’s worth it to be on the water.

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