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Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunset Sail

Back when we only had small boats, we used to take one of them down the Eno River to Falls Lake at sunset and paddle around and watch the sky change colors.  Eric had the whole thing figured out with headlamps and an intimate knowledge of the way back in the dark.  He’d even pack a beer or two to enjoy on the lake.

Now that we have Willadine at the lake, we do this even more easily.  When the sun gets low in the sky, we start to get antsy to get away from the dock.  This weekend, the winds are southwesterly and so we get to sail off into the sunset.  As soon as the sun is down, I get nervous to start heading back, but Eric never wants to let go of the beauty of dusk.  It is lovely to watch the stars come out and it’s dark enough on the lake out of season to see the Milky Way and everything. 

We’ve finally figured out how to find John’s place fairly easily, although getting back in with the motor acting finicky has been interesting.  Fortunately, the boat has paddles and it is possible to actually acquire forward motion with them if there is little or no wind.  We’ve used them to made (gentle) contact with several docks.  Last night Ansel managed to grill turkey burgers while we were underway.  We limped into the dock on one cylinder after paddling a bit to stay out of the shallows and enjoyed our burgers in the cockpit.  Luxury.

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